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SET TO LAUNCH 01.09.2024


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Website + Print: Lilwaukee

In today's digital landscape, where websites often feel dime a dozen, it's rare to encounter an online experience that truly stands out. Yet, that's precisely what we've created for the talented author Lilwaukee. Her new website is a work of art in its own right, designed to capture the essence of her book

and take visitors on a journey beyond conventional web design norms.

Off-the-Grid Design

For Lilwaukee, we wanted to move beyond the standard templates and design principles so commonly employed in the digital realm. We opted for an 'off-the-grid' approach, where every element of the website was meticulously crafted to reflect Lilwaukee's unique voice and style of writing. This resulted in a website that is not just functional but also an extension of the narrative she weaves in her book.

A Visual Representation of the Book

The website serves as a visual representation of Lilwaukee's book, with each design element inspired by the themes, characters, and settings of her story. From the color palettes to the interactive elements, everything on the website is tailored to create an ambiance that resonates with the content of her book. It's like turning a page and stepping into a world that comes alive through the screen.

Print Materials for the Book Launch Event

In addition to the website, we also designed print materials for Lilwaukee's book launch event. These materials are in harmony with the website's aesthetics, offering a cohesive brand experience that is palpable both online and offline. From invitations to book covers, each piece reflects the care and attention to detail that has been poured into the entire project.

The website we've created for Lilwaukee is more than just a digital space; it's a destination that captures the essence of her book and invites visitors to delve into the depth and richness of her stories. In a world where originality is increasingly rare, this website stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, offering a unique experience that visitors are unlikely to forget.


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