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Brand Building: Sol y Luna

At Studio Matti, we believe that exceptional design goes beyond aesthetics; it should immerse you in an experience, elevate your senses, and transport you to another world. That's exactly what we set out to achieve when we partnered with Sol y Luna, a luxury homestay nestled in the heart of Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain. Our mission? To encapsulate the spirit of Sol y Luna's breathtaking beauty and vibrant energy in a visual identity that captivates and inspires.

Inspired by Spanish Landscapes

Sol y Luna, as its name suggests, draws inspiration from the stunning Spanish landscapes. It's a place where the first light of day kisses the earth and the moon rises to serenade the night. We wanted our visual identity to echo this natural wonder, making guests feel like they've embarked on a journey of a lifetime.

The Power of Photography

At the core of our design concept is the art of photography. Photography has a unique ability to transport you, allowing you to feel the warmth of golden hues, the soft glow of natural light, and the embrace of shadows that dance with the sun's rays. With every glance at our visual identity, you'll find yourself transported to the heart of Sol y Luna's unique ambiance.

Carefully Crafted Mood Boards

To bring our vision to life, we meticulously crafted mood boards that capture the essence of Sol y Luna. These boards are a tantalizing glimpse into the captivating vibe that awaits you when you choose to make this charming bed & breakfast your vacation destination. They serve as a preview of the rich textures and meticulous attention to detail that you'll encounter during your stay.

A Journey Where Dreams and Reality Converge

From the moment you lay eyes on our visual identity, you'll notice that it transcends the boundaries between dreams and reality. The richness of textures combined with meticulous attention to detail creates a sense of exclusivity that sets Sol y Luna apart. It's a place where every element of design speaks to the spirit of adventure and discovery.

Sunrise to Moonfall: A Day in Sol y Luna

Our visual identity doesn't merely represent a static moment; it captures the entire spectrum of a day at Sol y Luna. From the first blush of dawn to the gentle embrace of moonlight, we've curated a design that celebrates every facet of this remarkable destination.

Sol y Luna is more than a luxury homestay; it's a sanctuary where the extraordinary meets the everyday. Our collaboration with Sol y Luna reflects our commitment to creating design that elevates experiences and celebrates the beauty of our world.

When you choose Sol y Luna for your getaway, you're choosing a journey that begins with our visual identity and continues as you immerse yourself in the real-life wonder of this enchanting B&B. It's a journey that spans from sunrise to moonfall, promising memories that will last a lifetime.


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