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Branding + Website: Jollification

At Studio Matti, we thrive on creative challenges that push the boundaries of design, and our recent collaboration with Jollification, a photo studio, was no exception. Stepping out of our comfort zone, we embarked on a journey to bring the past into the present, immersing ourselves in the vibrant, funky world of retro-inspired branding. This project not only showcased our versatility but also allowed us to embrace a whole new realm of possibilities, proving that we're not limited one style.

Jollification: The Past Meets the Present

"Jollification. The past meets the present." These words set the stage for a visual identity that transports you back in time while celebrating the modern era. Inspired by the colorful aesthetics of the seventies, our branding captures the essence of an era filled with groovy vibes and organic shapes.

Embracing an Attitude of Nonconformity

Jollification isn't just a brand; it's an attitude. We're all about pushing boundaries, making a statement, and breaking free from the chains of conformity. Our design dares to be different and encourages everyone to embrace their unique style. Prepare for an electrifying experience that awakens your senses and leaves you craving more.

A Riot of Colors

Colors are at the heart of our branding for Jollification. Shades of green and orange, reminiscent of the bold and playful palettes of the seventies, dominate the visual landscape. The combination of these vibrant hues creates a visually striking contrast that catches the eye and adds an element of excitement. Every glance at our branding pulsates with a wild energy that transports you back in time.

The Website: A Journey Through Time and Creativity

Our collaboration with Jollification extended beyond the visual identity to the website. We wanted to create a digital space that mirrors the brand's spirit. The website takes visitors on a journey through time, with playful animations and interactive elements that pay homage to the seventies while offering a modern, user-friendly experience.

Conclusion: A Bold Leap into the Past and Future

Jollification's revamped visual identity and website are a testament to the power of design to bridge eras and evoke emotions. This project pushed us beyond our comfort zone, proving that we can embrace any style with enthusiasm and creativity. It's a celebration of nostalgia, individuality, and the boundless possibilities of design. We invite you to step into the groovy world of Jollification and experience the fusion of past and present for yourself.


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