branding, packagings & webshop for urban therapy.

based on the already existing logo and the vibe of the shops, the branding

has a minimal approach with soft nude colours and line drawings of plants.

every elementen is empty without the others. together they are forming a whole.

natural, pure, honest & timeless are the main values of this branding.


these elements form the basis for various in-house applications 

such as the cup, the stickers, the menu & the webshop. 


based on these colours but with the aim of being 

more vibrant and eye-catching, 

different packagings were also developed such as 

the essential oils, the multi-use oil and the gift box.

later on a cosmetics collection was design

with a more colourful approach.

photography by studio ayoube

urban therapy - branding, packaging & webshop

brussel, belgium - 2020/2022

branding /graphical guidelines

digital / socials

digital / webdesign + website

illustration / artbook design

packaging / oil collection

print / cosmetics collection

packaging / shampoo collection

print / giftbox

print / catalogue