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Book Design: Het Thee Boek

Hey there, tea aficionados and design enthusiasts! We're thrilled to unveil our delightful collaboration with Veerle Stoffels of Tasting Tea and Publisher Lannoo, bringing you "Het Thee Boek" – a harmonious fusion of tea, flavor, and design.

At Studio Matti, we're all about crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression, and this project was no exception. When we first sat down with Veerle from Tasting Tea, we knew we were embarking on a journey that would blend artistry, passion, and, of course, tea. The challenge was to design a book that could perfectly accompany the mesmerizing experience of pairing tea with food.

A Symphony of Aromas and Aquarel Spots

Back in 2020, we had the immense pleasure of crafting Tasting Tea's exceptional branding and packaging. Little did we know that this very venture would serve as the wellspring of inspiration for our latest masterpiece, "Het Thee Boek." As we embarked on this new design journey, we knew that the essence of Tasting Tea's identity had to flow seamlessly into every page of the book.

The delicate yet captivating aquarel spots that adorned Tasting Tea's branding became the soul of "Het Thee Boek." Like droplets of creativity, these artful spots painted a vivid picture of the myriad of delightful aromas found in tea.

Terracotta Warmth - Where Tradition Meets Modernity

We took a bold step away from the traditional green hues that often dominate tea-related designs. Instead, we embraced the warmth of terracotta colors. These rich and inviting tones imbue the book with a sense of coziness, making it feel like you're snuggled up with your favorite cup of tea on a chilly afternoon.

By merging terracotta warmth with a touch of modernity, we struck the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary aesthetics. It's a combination that encapsulates the essence of Tasting Tea's offerings while adding a fresh, vibrant twist.

Minimal Illustrations for the Perfect Sip

In "Het Thee Boek," we wanted to capture the essence of tea rituals and the art of setting tea. So, we created a series of minimal illustrations that beautifully portray these moments. The simplicity of these illustrations echoes the simplicity and elegance of the tea-making process itself.

A Perfect Pairing: Design, Tea, and Flavor

Working on this project was a delightful journey of exploration and creativity. Our collaboration with Tasting Tea allowed us to dive into the enchanting world of tea, unlocking its hidden nuances and treasures. Every design element was carefully crafted to complement the flavors and sensations of the teas showcased in the book.

"Het Thee Boek" is more than just a book; it's an experience that elevates the way we perceive and enjoy tea. As you flip through its pages, you'll discover the art of tea pairing, the beauty of aromas, and the perfect harmony of design and flavor.

So, if you're seeking to delve into the artistry of tea and create moments of magic in your daily life, "Het Thee Boek" is your ultimate guide. Let Studio Matti's design take you on a journey where warmth meets modernity, and tradition dances with contemporary allure.


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