concept & fashion design

of data kama 2.0,

based on upcycling

and anti-fastfashion

but without being as loud

as with the first data kama collection. this collection was inspired on

la joie de vivre, freedom and erotic.

la méditerranée was never far away during the design process

of this collection.

soft colours and textures.

a dream. being in a place where everything is possible

and where freedom has no limit. 

anti fastfashion based on upcycling and low waste. no copies. no stock: only one of each. 

la mode vue comme de l'art

and handmade in brussels.

photographer: damon de backer

makeup: patricia godart

creative direction, design & concept

data kama 2.0, anti-fastfashion brand

brussels, belgium - 2020